Why You Should Never Ignore Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings?

Why You Should Never Ignore Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings?

Feb 01, 2020

Enjoying the benefits of healthy teeth and gums is on everyone’s mind but many are not prepared to dedicate themselves to maintaining good oral health. Besides brushing and flossing at home every day it is essential to undergo regular dental exams and cleanings from a dentist at least once in six months. There are many reasons for people missing dental visits every six months. Some are just ignorant about the need while the others have a laid back attitude. Another segment is simply scared of dental visits and therefore ignores dental exams and cleanings.

If you wish to enjoy healthy teeth and gums forever a visit to the dentist near you will be necessary. These cleanings must be considered as a precautionary measure that can prevent you from expensive and invasive treatments. Let us look at some reasons why you should never ignore dental appointments.

Cleaning Your Teeth from Plaque

You could be brushing and flossing your teeth every day but the plaque has a notorious habit of remaining in between your teeth and on the back teeth. Plaque is a sticky layer of film which forms on the teeth immediately after you brush because of bacteria and food particles. It is the primary reason for tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque hardens into tartar when it is allowed to remain on your teeth for long. When you visit your dentist for an examination the dental hygienists will remove the plaque and after with special tools to leave you with a fresh and clean mouth.

Diagnosing Oral Cancer

Dental appointments can offer many benefits and one among them is oral cancer screening to diagnose the condition early and treat it. Besides cleaning your teeth and looking for signs of any oral diseases the dentist will also be looking for signs of oral cancer. If anything is detected a biopsy will be recommended for further testing to be done for a proper diagnosis. The screening helps to treat and cure cancer in the initial stages before it spreads.

Preventing Gum Disease

The main reasons for gum disease are plaque and tartar. These two culprits can irritate the gums when they are left untreated. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease when the gums change color to red, become inflamed, and bleed when brushing and flossing. If gum disease is not treated it progresses to Periodontal disease causing the gums to recede and form pockets to create abscesses. It can eventually lead to tooth loss and also erode the bone. Gum disease is critical for your oral health.

Dental x-rays

Dentists will be taking dental x-rays during the dental appointment to determine what is happening below the surface of the mouth to diagnose the issue. Dental conditions with no apparent symptoms can be found with the help of dental x-rays.

What to Expect During Dental Exams?

During a dental exam, the dentist will be evaluating your dental health by looking at the inside of the mouth for signs of any dental issues. The dentist will also check the tissues within the mouth signs of oral cancer while taking x-rays to figure out what’s happening below the surface to determine whether any cysts, decay, tumor or damage to the jawbone exists.

The process for the cleaning will begin only after the evaluation is complete. The dental hygienist will first scrape the plaque and tartar off your teeth and gums with the help of special tools. They will also provide you with a professional lesson in flossing. After the professional session, your teeth will be brushed with an electric toothbrush and a gritty toothpaste to remove any plaque or debris leftover in the mouth.

Finally, you will be the recipient of fluoride treatment that will be applied to your teeth. The fluoride treatment will help to prevent tooth decay while keeping your enamel stronger. The treatment is beneficial for both children and adults. You will also be provided with tips to care for your teeth at home between dental appointments to keep your teeth and gums healthy and free from disease until it is time for your next appointment.

Dental exams and cleanings should be considered as routine just as brushing and flossing and attempts to ignore them should never be made unless you are willing to become involved in expensive procedures that you would rather be without.

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