Why Are People Preferring Invisalign Over Other Orthodontic Appliances?

Why Are People Preferring Invisalign Over Other Orthodontic Appliances?

Dec 11, 2019

When people with crooked and misaligned teeth considered improving their appearance with traditional braces their first concern was a mouthful of wires and brackets which wasn’t a pleasant thought. The requirement to have the brackets and wires in the mouth for over a year just to improve their smile was overwhelming for adults in particular. Therefore, when a new treatment emerged that could address the problem faced by adults without the need for wires and brackets it was welcomed with glee.

It was only in 1998 that the introduction of invisible braces gained popularity as a comfortable, discreet, and comfortable treatment that adults could use without fear. Treatment with Invisalign provided people the benefit of treating malocclusions and crooked teeth without the fear of displaying the metal in their mouths. Invisalign offered them clear aligners that were virtually invisible and went unnoticed by most.

Why Did People consider Invisalign A Better Alternative Than Traditional Braces?

  • Aesthetics

The main reason why people preferred Invisalign over traditional treatments is because of its invisibility. Metal braces compelled people to make announcements they were straightening their teeth whenever they smiled, spoke, or began eating. Invisalign, on the other hand, made it difficult for everyone to notice the aligners because they were made from clear plastic and required people to wear them for around 20 to 22 hours per day.

  • Comfort

Traditional braces made people complain they were irritated by the brackets and wires which both in their mouths especially when they were damaged. Invisalign offered them comfort because it has no sharp edges. People could even take a break from the treatment for a couple of hours every day, unlike traditional braces that remained on their teeth until an orthodontist removed them.

  • Proper Fit

The treatment with Invisalign and their custom-fit aligners offered people a proper fit on their teeth. These aligners are personalized for every individual and a visit to the orthodontist is a requirement before the fitting. The procedure involves making impressions of the mouth, creating an image of the bite and then developing a series of plastic aligners for correcting the misalignment. People were required to wear the aligners for 2 to 3 weeks before repressing them with another as the treatment progressed.

They Are Removable

When people contacted dentists near them for the treatment they were happy when informed that the aligners could be removed whenever people wanted to. Unlike traditional braces that were bonded to the teeth for the duration of the treatment Invisalign offered people an opportunity to remove the plastic aligners from their mouths for the following reasons:

  • They did not have to worry about the at-home oral care regimen because the option of removing the braces allowed them to brush and floss regularly to remove any food particles and debris between their teeth.
  • People were not restricted from having any type of foods which the preferred because the appliances could be removed when eating before cleaning their mouths and returning the aligners to their positions.
  • Cleaning the aligners was also possible because it is one of the most effective and nonintrusive orthodontic treatments for malocclusion, overcrowding, as well as a range of other problems. Even dentist 75002 recommended Invisalign treatments for people despite not being in a position to provide the treatment themselves.

People affected by the crooked teeth in their mouth had two options before them. They could contact an orthodontist nearby for the traditional treatment for straightening their teeth which were offered with brackets and wires and all the problems accompanying it.

Alternatively, they could discuss the problem with the dentist in Allen, TX, to understand whether they were suitable candidates for the treatment. Going with Invisalign in Allen, TX, became the preferred option of people and especially among adults that were forever trying to hide their smiles because of the deficiencies in their mouths. Invisalign offered these people the perfect alternative that could rectify the problem to leave them with just a beautiful smile which they always desired. Thankfully, they received support from the dentist in Allen, TX, from where they could get themselves fitted with clear plastic aligners for straightening their teeth.

Some people were not as fortunate as the others and were considered unsuitable for Invisalign because they had complex problems in their mouths. The rest, however, benefited from and began enjoying their new smile despite spending some extra money on the treatment.

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