Tooth Decay in Allen, TX

Tooth Decay in Allen, TX

Your teeth are constantly exposed to foods and drinks that eat away at enamel and leave behind bacteria and plaque. With good dental hygiene, you can avoid some of the harmful effects of tooth decay. Without it, you are leaving your mouth susceptible to disease and decay-causing plaque, tartar, and bacteria. At Fairview Dental, we take care of your teeth with thorough cleanings and examinations.

Patients can fight tooth decay with the help of Fairview Dental. We can help reinforce habits like brushing and flossing, which should be done twice a day to get rid of leftover food and plaque. Plaque turns into calculus, which is difficult to remove with traditional toothbrushes. A dental professional can rid the mouth of calculus that has not been brushed away, reducing the likelihood of developing cavities while controlling decay.

Get rid of cavities in Allen, TX

Cavities are formed when sugar is not properly cleaned from the mouth and off teeth. This sugar is then transformed into plaque – the film that covers tooth enamel. The acids present in plaque eat away at the enamel on teeth, causing it to become thinner in some areas and forming small holes. These holes hold even more plaque and bacteria, eventually turning into a full-blown cavity.

Enabling great convenience to you

You live a busy life that should not be interrupted by dental care. Our Allen, TX office is open 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday. You do not have to miss out on adequate dental care due to the hours of our dentist. We are available for any dental services you require, such as teeth whitening or veneers.

Book an appointment for tooth decay treatment in Allen!

Tooth decay can lead to serious dental issues, including inflammation or infections that require the removal of teeth. Preventative care works best when dealing with tooth decay, so brush and floss twice daily and make biannual trips to your local Fairview dentist in Allen, TX. We can pinpoint cavities and other decay in teeth and discuss your treatment options with you. Your smile will only get brighter at Fairview Dental. Give us a call, or book your visit to our office online today!

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