Six Month Smiles in Allen, TX

Six Month Smiles in Allen, TX

Are you ready to get straighter teeth and fix spacing issues? If so, you may consider speaking with your Fairview dentist about Six Month Smiles. This is a radical new treatment that fixes teeth at an incredibly fast pace. No longer do you have to choose between colors for your traditional metal braces. With Six Month Smiles, you are provided with orthodontic equipment that matches the color of teeth. It is a quick solution for straighter teeth, but only a dentist will know if the program is right for you.

Six Month Smiles – Less Pressure. More Comfort.

Patients often report that the braces they receive for the Six Month Smile treatment are comfortable. This is because they use a very low amount of pressure to move your teeth into a straighter position. You do not have to constantly get your braces tightened, as the treatment is not meant to fix any bite problems. It simply makes the teeth are visible when you smile straighter.

Discreet Treatment Methodology

Another benefit of Six Month Smiles is the discreet look of the braces. The brackets and wires used are meant to blend in with your teeth. This means that your braces will be much more discreet than traditional braces would be. A lot of individuals, whether they are children or adults, shy away from traditional braces due to how noticeable they are. You do not need to worry about others staring at your braces – they will look just like your actual teeth from a distance.

Your insurance may cover the cost of Six Month Smiles. It is important to talk with a Fairview dentist about the best treatment options for your teeth and the financing options for treatment. We work with many insurance companies to give you the best treatment options for your needs. We had affordable payment plans that can be used to cover any costs incurred during treatment or after.

You can get a radiant and straighter smile in less than a year with Six Month Smiles. Fairview Dental believes that each patient should leave our office with a more beautiful smile than they entered with. You can make that happen with Six Month Smiles.

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