Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Many people avoid the dentist because of anxiety. Sedation dentistry uses a combination of techniques, ranging from nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to general anesthesia, to relax a patient during surgeries, uncomfortable appointments or even routine check-ups.

The doctors and the oral healthcare professional at Fairview Dental, located near you in Allen, want to educate their patients, new and current, on the offering and the expectations of sedation dentistry regardless of treatment.

Dental Anxiety

Almost all people have had a bad dental experience, mostly as children, and these experiences persist. Time passes and years can go by without a dental check-up due to these earlier anxieties.

The dental staff at Fairview Dental is sensitive to the real feelings of dental anxiety. If you feel such anxiety prior to your appointment, then pre-appointment visits are encouraged. If this meet-and-greet approach is not enough for you, then you should consider the sedation dentistry option.

Anxiety-Free Dentistry

Sedation dentistry will keep you in a completely relaxed state, but in control. You will be aware of your surroundings and will be able to respond to questions. You can also speak and ask questions. The time in the dental chair will pass quickly.

As with any anesthesia, you will be given before- and after-procedure instructions involving diet, clothing, recovery, etc., necessary for the procedure and the effects of the sedation. It is essential to follow all instructions given by the dentist.

There will be consent forms for sedation dentistry, in addition for the forms for the procedure, and a questionnaire regarding your medical history. The patient must be honest and thorough with all responses.

Please keep in mind that sedation is medication, and a family member or a friend will need to bring you to the appointment and back home. The effects of sedation dentistry can last from 2-8 hours after a procedure depending upon the type and dosage.

Don’t Put Off Needed Treatment Because of Anxiety

The attentive dental team at Fairview Dental will take care of your oral health and the accompanying anxiety. If you feel that sedation dentistry may be the right option for you, then please contact the oral healthcare professionals at Fairview Dental, located in Allen, where new patients are always welcome.

Fairview Dental is trusted and highly recommended for sedation dentistry, as well as treatments in general, restorative and cosmetic procedures.