Invisalign® in Allen, TX

Invisalign® in Allen, TX

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Looking to improve your crooked smile? Invisalign® is a great option for adults and children alike! We’ll let you know if you’re a candidate during your free consultation.

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Invisalign® Clear Braces for Allen, Texas

When you envision orthodontic treatment, what do you see? You likely think of braces that are unattractive metal. But thanks to Invisalign® clear braces, there’s no reason for you to not feel attractive during your orthodontic treatment. Fairview Dental in Allen, Texas offers Invisalign® for straightening crooked teeth. Misaligned teeth are more than an aesthetic problem; oral health issues can be caused by these situations as well.

Invisalign® includes using clear plastic aligners that slip over your teeth. These aligners come in succession, as they subtly alter the location of your teeth and you shift from one to the next every few weeks. One of the many reasons that patients favor Invisalign® over traditional metal orthodontic braces is due to this convenience. You don’t need to see with our office frequently for adjustments, whereas metal braces need to be corrected by your orthodontist frequently. Invisalign® is excellent for your hectic schedule.

Advantages of Invisalign treatment

The best advantage of selecting Invisalign® over other types of orthodontic treatment is that the aligners are…clear! It’s likely that no one will see when you’re wearing your aligners, whereas metal braces will be noticed by everyone. Patients like the feeling that they can go with confidence about their daily lives while wearing Invisalign® clear braces. Consider Invisalign® from Fairview Dental in Allen, Texas if you need to appear professional and appealing while getting successful orthodontic treatment.

Other advantages are offered by Invisalign®. They’re removable, which makes it possible to prevent difficulties connected with metal braces. To begin with, when you’re wearing wires and alloy brackets, dental hygiene can be incredibly challenging. With Invisalign®, you can remove your aligners when eating and brushing your teeth, making oral hygiene a cinch.

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