Tooth Extractions in Allen, TX

Tooth Extractions in Allen, TX

Obviously, all of us would want to keep a full mouth of pearly white natural teeth for our entire lifetime. However, sometimes it is necessary for a tooth to be extracted for a number of reasons. Your dentist in Allen may suggest that it is best to remove a tooth because it is beneficial to your oral health. You might ask: what are some situations that would warrant a full tooth extraction instead of a simple filling or crown? Here at Fairview Dental we want you to fully understand the tooth extraction procedure and why it is done on some patients.

Common Tooth Extraction Reasons

It is stated by the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine that most teeth are removed due to disease or trauma that is simply too advanced to be repaired with a simple filling or crown. These two common causes of tooth extractions are entirely avoidable in most cases. When a tooth is extracted due to advanced disease or decay, it could have been avoided through routine dental examinations as well as good oral care. When a tooth is damaged due to injury, many times it is through contact sports. Many of these injuries can be mitigated by the use of mouth guards. However, there are other reasons that are less common that could warrant a tooth extraction:

  • Crowding
    Crowding can happen in the mouth because there are simply too many teeth than are needed for the size of the job. All of these teeth pressed against each other and cause misalignment and sometimes pain. This can warrant a tooth extraction.
  • Receiving radiation to the head or neck
    When receiving this type of radiation treatments, the teeth that are in range of the radiation might need to be extracted prior to the treatment.
  • Immunosuppressive therapy
    This type of therapy involves taking drugs that make teeth more vulnerable to infection. Any infected teeth would be treated before the infection worsens.
  • Preparation for braces
    In unique cases, your orthodontist may suggest removing some teeth prior to receiving braces to make room for the teeth that will be moved into place.
  • Wisdom teeth impaction
    When your wisdom teeth begin to grow in, it is possible that they begin to press against the other teeth, causing them to become misaligned. In this case the wisdom tooth would need to be removed.

If you have any more questions regarding tooth extraction in Allen, then please contact Fairview Dental today.

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