Emergency Dentist in Allen, TX

Emergency Dentist in Allen, TX

What makes up a dental emergency? Common dental emergencies contain teeth which were knocked out, broken teeth, cracked teeth, and tooth pain. We understand that when time is of the essence, especially prompt care can save your smile. That is precisely why we offer emergency dentistry.

Understanding dental emergencies in Allen, TX

Toothaches can result from several variables. Occasionally the appropriate treatment for a toothache is root canal therapy, because the tooth is broken or fractured, or you may require a crown. We’ll supply emergency dentistry you need to overcome your tooth pain.

When a tooth is broken or chipped, it can cause pain and dysfunction. You don’t need to let this issue go on untreated for too long. If the pulp is exposed, it can result in more complicated issues like a disease. Check with our office about the emergency dentistry services available.

Individuals may also lose dental restorations (like dentures), which need to be replaced quickly. If it isn’t damaged or lost, we may have the ability to put that same dental restoration back in place in the mouth.

If a tooth is knocked completely out of the mouth, try and save it to bring with you into the office.

With speedy emergency dentistry, several issues can be solved with minor irreversible damage. This is why we have a 24-hour answering service. If you don’t reach us during the six days a week that we are typically open, you will always reach our answering service, so that we can be of help!

Visit a dentist near you to prevent dental emergencies

Keep in mind that we can prevent some dental emergencies with routine care, like regular checkups and cleanings, or even mouth guards for kids who play sports!

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