Important Steps Involved in the Implantation of a Dental Bridge

Important Steps Involved in the Implantation of a Dental Bridge

Sep 01, 2019

Like any other part of the body, care for the teeth is important for a healthy life. Dental accidents can cause immense damage to our teeth leaving them fragile or broken. Proper medical attention should be given while treating injured teeth. If not properly cared for, they might be removed to avoid any further damage. However, a missing tooth can impede your normal teeth functions. But you don’t have to worry any more. An easy solution for missing tooth is dental bridges.

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How do dental bridges work?

A dental bridge is literally a bridge, formed to fill the gap created by the missing tooth. The bridge is formed by using two or more crowns. These crowns are implanted on both the sides of the missing tooth. The anchoring crown on the teeth facilitates the placement of the false teeth in between. The false tooth is usually referred to as pontics in the practical dentistry. The false teeth can be made of a number of composite materials. The popularly used materials for making false teeth include- alloys, porcelain and gold.

Dental bridges are easy to implant and can be supported by both natural and artificial teeth. The procedure has proved beneficial in replacing two or more teeth. For the convenient implantation of dental bridges in Allen TX, experts like Fairview Dental are recommended.

Important Steps Involved in Dental Bridge Implantation

The complete procedure for the implantation of a dental bridge should only be carried out by a qualified dentist. There are certain standard steps that are followed practitioners. According to Fairview Dental- dentist in 75002, these important steps include:

  1. Regular Assessment– On your first visit the dentist carries out certain tests. The purpose is to determine whether dental bridge implantation is the best option or not. In order to conduct a successful procedure, it’s necessary that the anchoring teeth are strong enough. Once the dentist is satisfied that it’s safe to carry out the procedure, he proceeds further.
  2. Imprints and measurements– At this stage, the dentist reshapes the anchoring teeth by removing a layer of the enamel. Removal of the enamel provides the necessary space for the implantation of the crowns. Accordingly, impressions of the teeth are taken for the purpose of making their replacements. The preserved impressions are then forwarded to the dental lab. Based on the impressions the crowns, bridge and pontics are prepared for the later implantation.
  3. Implantation of a temporary bridge– Preparation of the false or artificial tooth may take a couple of weeks. A missing tooth might cause serious eating and speaking problems during this period. In order to avoid any inconvenience and to restore essential functions, dentist implants a temporary bridge. The temporary bridge not only helps in restoring eating functions but also protects the gum. The bridge can easily be removed at a later stage when its use is no longer required.
  4. Implantation of the bridge– Once the replacement tooth is prepared by the lab, the dentist calls you for a second appointment. The dentist fixes the bridge carefully. It might take a couple of attempts to adjust the crowns and the bridge. It is important to note that the procedure is in no way a surgery. The patient is awake and well aware of his surroundings. However, if the patient feels little anxious mild sedatives are used to calm him down.

To ensure a proper fit, dentists generally use cement to bind them to the teeth. Cement helps in fitting the bridge to the tooth more efficiently. It might take a couple of visits before the bridge is in its proper place.

Broken and missing teeth can have a negative impact on your facial expressions. One might also resist laughing or smiling because of a missing tooth. Dental bridges are an all-round solution to the problem of a missing tooth. They are recommended by expert dentists since the development of the modern dentistry. Dental bridges have a long life. If cared for properly, they continue to serve their functions in the best possible manner. Fairview Dental can guide you through the whole process. Their facilities are so effective that you can proudly say –they’re the best dentist near me.

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