Floss 365 – Dental – Chicken or Egg_Should I Floss Before or After I Brush?

Floss 365 – Dental – Chicken or Egg_Should I Floss Before or After I Brush?

Mar 26, 2019

For a very, very long period of time, people have thought about this question and scratched their heads in absolute bewilderment – should one floss before or after one brushes?

Well, the more you get to search about this question, the more difficult it gets to answer. Brush is supposed to clean up the outer layering of the teeth whereas floss is supposed to go between the teeth and clean out any remains. So, how do you get started with one of them Everytime in the same particular order. What is the solution to this problem?

Experts at Floss 365 Dental say – it doesn’t really matter. You see, brushing and flossing are not mutually exclusive events, where if you have brushed you cannot floss and if you have flossed, you cannot brush. Instead, they are complementary events – so, when you floss, you are automatically helping the efforts you have put into brushing your teeth.

Hence, as far as you are brushing and flossing regularly, it really doesn’t matter whether you brush first and then floss or vice versa. The real question arises in understanding how often should you floss. The answer to this lies in understanding how often should you brush.

Most dental experts say that an ideal rule of thumb for brushing is – you should brush once between every meal. So, if you are having three meals in a day, you should brush thrice in a day. When you brush, you floss – so if you have three meals in a day, you floss three times in the same day.

A more important part to look at is having a regular dental check-up with your family dentist. You have to visit your dentist regularly to ensure that your teeth are not picking up any alarming problems. Most of the dental problems such as cavities or even oral cancer, can be detected earlier when they are in their very initial stages. This is also the time, when they are small enough to be treated or controlled. Hence, make sure you are visiting your dentist regularly and getting your teeth examined as well as cleaned up in the same time.

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