5 Risk Factors Which Can Increase Chances of Cavity and Tooth Decay

5 Risk Factors Which Can Increase Chances of Cavity and Tooth Decay

Oct 01, 2019

From the age of 5 to 12, parents are more concerned about their child’s teeth because this is the time when children are immature and they do not listen to their parents. Children at this age do not know how to take care of their teeth and this increases the chances to have cavity or tooth decay. There are lots of things which you need to take care of if you do not want to have tooth decay. Following you will find a few Risk Factors which Can Increase the Chances of Cavity and Tooth Decay-

Teeth location: People do not know but there are few locations in your mouth where you need to take more care than other location. One of the most important areas is the upper and lower back teeth. People do not know that but they have space, pits, crannies, and multiple places where food particles can get stuck. If you do not clean them properly then these few food particles help to grow bacteria which can later create the problem of cavities. If you do not know how to clean your teeth properly then you should contact the dentist in 75002.

Certain Food and Drinks: When we talk about food and drinks, there are certain edibles which have higher risks of getting a cavity. Certain food items can be bifurcated into two parts- One is those which can be washed by saliva such as ice cream, honey, soda, sugar and so on and another one are those which cannot be washed by saliva such as candy, certain sweets which are mainly sticky in nature. Food items which cannot be removed by saliva are more dangerous because these are the ones which create problems of cavity. If you want to protect yourself then you can reduce the quantity and clean your teeth properly.

Bedtime Feeding: People have the habit of eating or drinking at night in bed. There is no problem with that but if you are not cleaning your teeth after consuming it then it can create a problem of a cavity. People who have late-night parties often forget this part which leads them to have cavities and tooth decay problems. Tooth decay dentist in Allen TX explains that when you eat at night then few food particles are left behind in your mouth and take longer to complete the digestive process, and thus create unwanted bacteria.

Not having proper fluoride: in case you do not know what fluoride is, then it is the substance which strengthens your enamel. Enamel is the layer which stops bacteria to attack teeth. It is the protecting layer which needs to stay strong to lower the chances of the cavity. We can say there is a negative correlation between fluoride and cavity. You need to make sure that your teeth are getting the right amount of fluoride. To get fluoride you can take mineral water and look for a toothpaste which contains fluoride.

Irregular Brushing: There are many people who do not clean their teeth every day and this is the worst thing they are doing with their teeth. If you want to protect your teeth from cavity then brushing is the most important part of your daily routine. Not just brushing is important, but even the circular motion to be used while brushing and flossing afterwards is necessary. These are very important aspects. You have to clean your teeth twice a day for two whole minutes. This is a simple process which you need to follow to get clean and disease-free teeth.

Tooth decay and cavity are not the biggest problems but if you do not take care of your teeth then it can become a bigger problem later. If you do not wish to get stuck with these issues then get a regular checkup from dentist in Allen TX. You can also contact the Fairview Dental and you can easily find them when you search for the best Allen dentist. They have experienced dentists who can solve all the teeth related problems you have and also provide you with the best advice for your teeth.

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