5 Health Benefits of Dental Bridges

5 Health Benefits of Dental Bridges

Feb 26, 2019

Experts from Fairview Dental have analysed that the loss of one tooth can lead to greater issues. Issues which may include a hampered smile, problems in chewing and evening losing the natural shape of one’s face. Getting dental bridges in the right way is a great solution to avoid these problems.

Dental bridges are artificial tooth or teeth inserted in the space where there has been a tooth loss. As the name suggests, dental bridges help in bridging the gap between two teeth. They also have added benefits. Here are a few of them:

Restore Your Smile

First and probably the most significant benefit of using a dental bridge – you can go back to having that perfect smile. A smile today is equal to social currency – it helps you blend into your social circle and communicate far better than any emoji. So, get that perfect smile with a dental bridge!

Improve Chewing

Our jaws and teeth line are not accustomed to adjusting the chewing pattern for a missing tooth. Hence, when a tooth goes missing from its place, our chewing habits remain the same – except, they become more harmful.

Additionally, the teeth around the vacant spot may get out of shape and start tilting towards the now empty space. Hence, by using a dental bridge you can also prevent teeth from shifting. When you get a dental bridge, your natural chewing rhythm is restored without any hiccups.

Improve Speaking

Although speaking is a function of the tongue and the throat, teeth play an imperative role in enunciation and pronunciation. When you lose a tooth responsible for one of these functions, your speech also changes. Hence, a dental bridge can naturally help you maintain your speech patterns as well.

Maintain Your Face’s Natural Shape

A loss of tooth if left unattended for a long time will cause the face to shift focus to this spot. Your lips will become wider and you may start witnessing more tension towards the area of the tooth loss. Hence, a dental bridge should be used to keep the face’s shape intact.

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